Ryan Davis • "When I came to Porto it was really foggy and a bit raining. When I saw the sea it was covered by mist. The club was based directly at the beach. With its big metal wheels and the nice soundsystem I got a first impression of what could happen there. After a nice dinner with a familiar atmosphere, I came with pleasurable feelings back to the club. I had a wonderful night with Rui and his friends + people who joined us at Industria. With a portion of proper music and a crowd addicted to feelings and open to melodic music the Enlarge Your Audio event definitely will stay in my mind. Cheers°"

EYA#11: July 8, 2011 - First time in Portugal

Tom Middleton • "Enlarge Your Audio put on truly memorable events that become talked about for months afterwards. The parties have a uniquely positive energy and a loyal smiley audience of genuine music lovers with serious stamina who'll dance until sunrise. Parties like this are pretty rare and become a magic memory in any DJ's career. Rui and his team are exceptional hosts and pay incredible attention to detail. I feel genuinely spoiled and pampered after the night and utterly flattered by all the amazing post show feedback and unexpected gifts I received on the night. A highly recommended experience!"

EYA#10: April 1, 2011

Undo • "I really liked the party, really nice venue, great soundsystem, nice people and you really took good care of us. Thanks for everything!"

EYA#9: March 4, 2011

Uncle Roll • "It was nothing but pleasure to work with Rygen and his Enlarge Your Audio team. Hospitality and all other things were more than great. I've enjoyed every minute in Portugal.
Not many promoters can organise a party with a good crowd, good promotion and specially with a good sound setup and djing equipment. Funktion One sound system just exploded the place and people enjoyed that! Thanks again for Rygen and his crew! Good luck in changing the shape of Portugal's electronic music scene!"

EYA#9: March 4, 2011 - First time in Portugal

Max Cooper • "Big thanks to everyone I met in Porto last night for an amazing party. Great club, great vibe, great people - can't ask for more than that!"

EYA#8: January 14, 2011 - First time in Portugal

Bart Cruz • "Numa palavra: refrescantes. As noites EYA são uma lufada de ar fresco no panorama nacional. Obrigado, amigos."

EYA#8: January 14, 2011

Tom Middleton • "Last night's Enlarge Your Audio party goes into my top 10 best nights ever for energy, spirit, fun + reaction. Played smooth, deep + tech till sunrise... Porto rocks!"

EYA#5: April 1, 2010

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